The right technology for your company – success factor “software tool”

In a survey, conducted by parameta in late 2009, nearly half (41 percent) of all companies interviewed said, they would not pick the chosen project management software again if given the choice. The survey “Success factor selection for PM and PPM software” showed that by poor project management of the entire selection and implementation process many companies literally burn

enormous amounts of money and resources. The reason? About a third of the software users won’t accept the new technology/system. Considering that the average time for implementing was given to be nearly a year and average software costs of 350,000 Euros (for 100 licenses) it shows just how much is on the line.

Across all industry sectors and non-proprietary with parameta selectPPM® – the better way of selecting a software successfully

The course towards successful implementation and use of a company-wide project management software is already set right at the beginning of this process, at the selection which software to choose. Over 400 standard solutions with a broad bandwidth of functionalities, different emphasizes and focal points as well as a plethora of price models are available in this country. Without encompassing market knowledge and experiences this nerve-wrecking selection process can turn into risky business.
parameta has eliminated the risk and the nerve-wrecking with their selectPPM® software selection process. This software selection model has been tried and tested successfully in many business cases.

Benchmarks from all major industries deliver valuable insights and decision-making support for organizations.
Within selectPPM®, the six steps of the selection process convey insights and facts that are needed for making a well-informed decision for the ideal PM software. Important and critical features of the software are considered as well as the manufacturer’s project management expertise and his ability to consult and train and organization. His market share and position, the hard and software requirements and TCO are some of the many criteria that are analysed during the process.