People as a key success factor in project management

In many organizations projects are accompanied by fundamental changes. In fact, change often is the only constant in conjunction with project or project portfolio management. Very often the same “symptoms” arise: numerous resistances to change, race against timelines, overflowing budgets and increasing frustration to name but a few. However, if

all people affected by this change are involved in the process at an early stage or even better, if all people are captured by the change to come, the chances of success increase dramatically. Hence, parameta puts greatest emphasis on analyzing and involving all stakeholders and their needs.


Our benchmarks and the development of an individual project management solution to fit your stakeholders and staff will help your organization to decide more efficiently in future, which projects will be executed at all and how they will be done to maximize the benefits. Transparency, cost and time savings are only a few of the results possible.

„Ob ein Mensch klug ist, erkennt man an seinen Antworten. Ob ein Mensch weise ist, erkennt man an seinen Fragen.“
Nagib Mahfuz

parameta puts people in the focus

The role of psychology and so called soft skills in project management cannot be underestimated. Years of experience and numerous, international research programs have shown that human beings are not only key to change or project management success. They are also a force to be reckoned with and sometimes very hard to influence. Personal believes and organizational requirements often don’t match at all but have to be brought in line in order to enable success.
A parameta pm3 case history as part of our reference model is a signal to a company’s employees that shows their opinion is valued. It gives employees the opportunity to communicate their point of view in a protected environment. Involving your employees in your streamlining process as early as possible is the most efficient way of preventing opposition against changes from the very beginning. This will give you fast and clear insight into the strengths, but also the weaknesses, of your project management and how to develop it for future success.