We empower people to be successful in projects.

Our consulting always considers the three fundamental success factors in project management: “People – Method – Technology”. We help organizations to optimize and to advance their project management level of maturity. Single, multi or strategic Portfoliomanagement, parametas’ consultants are well versed in applying the entire bandwidth of project management; all of them certified PRINCE2 und PMI experts. We accompany medium-sized and large corporations on their way to becoming a true project organization. If needed and requested, parameta sends its consultants into these organizations to act as project leaders or project team members for a certain period of time.

From analysis to the lasting and successful development of a PM method, introduction of project management tools, training and coaching of individuals and teams or ex-post analysis – we determine all steps and milestones of a PM solution in close collaboration with the client.
Our guarantee: Once a consulting project is finished, our clients will be able to execute their project management successfully alone, at the desired level and fitting perfectly to meet the organizations’ needs.

The parameta pm3-reference model – our guarantee for your project management success!

The pm3 reference model describes the ideal processes and workflow for good project management within an organization. The model representation ensures that all processes, workflow procedures and information form a closed system, but also that the model can easily be customized to accommodate the individual circumstances given in a particular organization.
Beyond this closed system, the model also describes the upstream interfaces with innovation management, as well as the processes and workflow procedures it entails. It also describes the steps required for a benefit evaluation of projects after their completion.
The pm3 reference model therefore serves as a reference for measuring the organization under examination, and also as a template for streamlining project management. In this context, it is important to

remember that deviations from the model due to a business’s organizational framework are not only allowed, but also necessary.
Long-term experiences and current scientific research results are at the basis of our pm3 pyramid for holistic project management. Thus, supported by a neutral entity, your business will be given an outside view of its own project management, evaluated by means of comparison with the tried-and-tested pm3 reference model. This will give you fast and clear insight into the strengths, but also the weaknesses, of your project management.
By identifying fields of action and deriving recommendations, this will prepare you for streamlining your project management. Depending on your current situation, you can decide which measures to take first, and which ones to take later.